SOLDIER SONGS & VOICES is a non-profit organization I run and volunteer for every week. We give music and songwriting lessons to Armed Forces Veterans free of charge, and even provide them with guitars as a vital means of self-expression and psychological healing. We now have chapters scattered throughout the country, as well as a handful down in Australia. The stuff coming out of these sessions is truly remarkable. Once a year, we also host a weeklong event we call the Reveille Songwriting Retreat.

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Here is what some of the veterans are saying about the program:

“These lessons have saved my life.”
–Amado Garcia, SGT, US Marine Corps

“I want to say THANKS for getting me involved in the SOLDIER SONGS and VOICES program.  Having spent a total of 27 months in Iraq, I have seen a lot and done a lot.  Like many returning Vets, I too have some “issues”.  Thanks to the program, I am able to express my feeling, thoughts, and sometimes nightmares on paper…Thanks again for all the support, help, and friendship.  Let’s keep moving forward and growing. LET THEM HEAR OUR VOICES.”
–Shawn Dunham, SGT, US Army

“I would like to tell you about my life changing experience with this organization, but first a little background on me. I am an OIF Vet with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD. I lost the ability to speak from my TBI and it decreased my vocabulary immensely once I regained the ability to communicate. For the PTSD the anger, night terrors, and uncontrollable actions were outrageous to say the least. This program has saved my life and got it back on track. It’s given me purpose and taught me how to express my emotions and thoughts on paper instead of lashing out at the world. My vocabulary has increased a great deal. This program has also gotten me out of the house and made me socialize again. My short term memory is slowly remembering more, thru playing the guitar and having to remember chords. In just 6 months this program has done more for me and my healing than the 4 years of therapy I have been going to. Everything has lessoned or gone away, for example my night terrors have gone and this is without medication, which is saying a lot. This program has given me hope for the first time in a long, long time and a reason to keep going. Music can change the world and is changing me for the better.”
–Erika Vandenberg, SGT, US Army